About Us

In 1982 Pernat/Haase was started in Juneau Wisconsin by Earl Buchberger father of Bonnie Pernat. Brian Pernat Began to work for Earl learning how to process beef, hogs and create award winning sausage recipes. In 1984 unexpectedly Earl passed away leaving Brian and Bonnie in a position to continue and buy the company or go another route. Brian and Earl had just began creating there sausage blends when earl passed and this made the drive for Brian to continue pushing to make the great product and company we now have. The Juneau location still stands and has a fully state inspected slaughter floor as well as a sausage kitchen and retail front.
In 1999 Brian and Bonnie decided to open another store with more of a retail space in mind. That is when they purchased a building in Johnson Creek Wisconsin remodeled and began expanding their brand.  The Johnson Creek store has grown and done very well having hwy. 26 and I94 near by making it an easy spot for travelers to stop and buy the best smoked snacks available. Johnson creek now serves hot lunch daily has a full fresh meat + deli/cheese retail case as well as processes venison.
Coming into 2014 there was a great opportunity in Ixonia Wisconsin with a small local grocery store that went up for sale. With Brian's youngest son out of high school and having a few years under his belt working in the Juneau location making sausage, cutting deer and working on the slaughter floor he decided it was time to branch out once again to expand the Pernat name. The Ixonia store went under construction making it their biggest store with full retail meat-cheese-deli case, deer processing, custom smokehouses, hot lunch, grocery, walk in beer cave and much more it made for a perfect fit in the rapidly growing town of Ixonia! The Ixonia location is now run by Zac Pernat and his wife Caley Pernat and gaining new customers daily.
The goal at Pernats is to consistently produce great homemade products, serve the freshest highest quality meats and continue to keep our amazing customers happy.